Tungsten Touch-senstive Electronic Lighter

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Forget the old-fashioned gas lighter you need move with the times and say hello to the rechargeable Fingerprint Touch Rechargeable USB Flameless Lighters
This USB lighter is your best friend when you have to fix a cosy evening by the fire or a romantic candlelit dinner. 

This rechargeable lighter uses electricity instead of gas and is charged via USB to be ready whenever you need it. Once touch activates the heating element, very cool

The plate radiates enough heat to light a candle or a fire.

  • Charges using a Generic Android USB data cable
  • No Need for Gas or other Fuel
  • Works under all weather conditions
  • Ultra-thin & Elegant Design
  • Double-sided ignition, ultra-quiet, strong wind-proof design
  • Economical:
  • Safe and simple to use.


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Customer Reviews

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