Thor Ragnarok foam Armour TEMPLATES

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We only sell downloadable TEMPLATES
These pictures show what the final product will look like. 
Easy to follow instructions and templates to make your very own Cosplay Thor Ragnarok foam armour.
We use 6mm EVA foam or 5mm craft foam for construction, these products are readily available at most craft stores.

Thor Ragnarok Cosplay costume full armour templates 

This design is not intended to be screen accurate but inspired by Thor Cosplay.

PDF files are in "poster" format. Use Adobe Reader to open the files. In the print options window, you must select "poster" and adjust your tile scale size. by default, it should be at 100%. current pdf file size will fit men's medium to large. increase the file size to 105% for XL size or 95% for size small. 
select your paper size in the print setup.

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